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Today’s technologies

Maglificio Tonello / Today’s technologies
Maglificio Tonello / Today’s technologies

We have six M1 programming stations run by expert technicians who ensure precise and flawless development of the project.

The programmer’s offers great expertise with the software, making knitting stitches and patterns possible, arranging various different yarns on the same garment, and performing complex work.


The Maglificio Tonello plant is currently equipped with 100 flat knitting machines that ensure high-speed and high-quality knitting processes.

The space is air conditioned and humidified to keep the yarns from drying and thus prevent issues during knitting.


For a comprehensive offering, we implemented/expanded:
the control department, equipped with 4 light table stations for accurate inspection of the knit fabric panels;
a Miele wet (water) cleaning system;
– a Union dry (hydrocarbon) cleaning system;
– the pre-ironing department, with 3 stations;
– Miscellaneous sewing machines including linking machines, overlockers, and straight-lock stitchers for small batches.


Maglificio Tonello has always strongly believed in technological development aimed at improving quality. For this reason, it researches into, and invests in, the best solutions to achieve the highest production standards.


Stoll, the long-standing German company, is the world leader in flat knitting technology and machinery.
It supplies to major high-endand avant-garde knitwear manufacturers that work with the world’s top fashion brands and designers.

CMS 530 HP

CMS 822 HP

ADF 530-32 BW
ADF 530-32 BW multi gauge

ADF 830-24 W