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Code of ethics

Maglificio Tonello / Code of ethics
Maglificio Tonello / Code of ethics

At Maglificio Tonello, the main objective is to deliver an innovative product of superior quality and value while staying devoted to safety, a healthy workplace, lowering the impact of our activities on the environment, and maintaining a good relationship with collaborators and customers.

Maglificio Tonello has adopted a code of ethics and conduct that highlights the values and principles that every company director, employee and other collaborators must follow. The Code of Ethics describes the ethical commitments and responsibilities of directors and employees as well as outside partners when carrying out company activities.


Maglificio Tonello has adopted a Code of Ethics because it is well aware that human activities affect the environment and the health of those who are part of it. Our work is geared toward the respect for the public health and acting in accordance with current environmental legislation by remaining committed to choosing the best solutions for sustainable global growth.