Product study and analysis



Our team at Maglificio Tonello puts its know-how at the service of customers for the study and creation of sample collections, providing the necessary specialized skills and competence to achieve excellent results in the shortest amount of time.

Every item is analysed during programming and re-designed with expertise by qualified technicians, to offer customers only superior-quality products and optimisedturnaround times and processing resources. Working with the customer at this stage is key for product spec definition and for the step-by-step outcome evaluation of the redesigned garment.

The first step of our work involves examining and interpreting the lines, shapes and weave of the garments without altering the designer’s original concept. We study and design the garment to turn it into a reality using our profound on-the-field experience. This stage is a strategic and decisive one in the development and success of a project, which, as a result, is completely tailored to the customer’s requirements.