Maglificio Tonello’s strength



Maglificio Tonello’s biggest strength is the knitting stage, supported by our deep knowledge of knitwear and a factory equipped with 100 Stoll flat knitting machines ranging from 3 to 18 gauge, the most advanced machinery this field has to offer.

We have been using Stoll’s high-technology machinery for over twenty years. Stoll is a long-standing German manufacturer of flat knitting machinery.

Thanks to our large number of machines, we are able to satisfy large-scale run requests within short and competitive lead times. We also boast great flexibility, enabling us to produce limited quantities.

The production cycle takes place over three 8-hour shifts, 24 hours a day.

We have capacity to fulfil orders from a few hundred to several thousand garments. This makes Maglificio Tonello the ideal and flexible partner for any company that is looking for superior quality standards at the right quality-to-price ratio.

La capacità produttiva è in grado di evadere ordini e commesse dalle poche centinaia alle diverse migliaia di capi, rendendo il Maglificio Tonello partner ideale e flessibile per qualsiasi realtà aziendale che richieda elevati standard qualitativi con il giusto rapporto qualità e prezzo.