In the heart of the Venetian countryside since 1975

Our roots

Maglificio Tonello / Company / Our roots
Maglificio Tonello / Company / Our roots

Ever since 1975, the history of Maglificio Tonello has been inspired by passion for high-end knitwear, exacting standards and technical research to spread authentic “Made in Italy” know-how and style around the world.

It was the dream of founder Giuliano Tonello and his wife Gigliola to build up a textile manufacturing business that could stand out for its high-end, avant-garde knitting techniques and efficient manufacturing in the heart of the Venetian countryside, a culturally-rich land with a heritage of traditional craftsmanship. They pursued their dream with determination and ability to interpret pragmatically the regular requests of highfashion industry clients from around the world.


In its early years of business, Maglificio Tonello made substantial investments that put it ahead in the knitting sector, equipping its shop with 8 mechanical machines between Universal,  Supramat and the prestigious MIN1R unit with compound feed and two different sinkers. The number increased year after year, until reaching 70 mechanical units in the 80s, including both Universal and Zamark machines  – the first double system 213-cm needle bed machines with 6 different sinkers. In 1987, the company introduced the first two Stoll ANVH-B 5-gauge machines and in 1992, the first short electronic machines with comb device, suitable for shaped knit fabric panels, including increased- and drop-stitch.

The reliability of these machines and the adequate technical assistance provided by Stoll Germany and Stoll Italy persuaded the company to focus its later investments on high-performance and precision Stoll machinery.


In 2000, as the number of machines and volume of garments produced for the most prestigious fashion designers around the world kept increasing, daughter Sara and son Paolo joined the company.
For Maglificio Tonello, this opened a new stage of technological innovation and expansion of its plant, which currently features 100 knitting machines.

Today, the Tonello family, keepers of a rich textile tradition, is focused on the future of the amazing art of knitting by continuing to invest in innovation, in this way striving for ever-increasing heights in its knitting quality and performance.