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Maglificio Tonello / Cookies Policy
Maglificio Tonello / Cookies Policy

What are cookies and what is their function
A “cookie” is a file created on the user’s computer when the user accesses a website. Cookies ensure good functionality of the site and detect data to send to third parties.

Technical cookies are used for site functionality, for example: keeping the login to a site or a restricted area active or to provide the correct language as chosen by the user. Other technical cookies send data to other services, to give the site administrator an idea on how the site is being used. Since these cookies collect data in a completely anonymous form, no consent to their use is required from the user.
Profiling cookies, on the other hand, track and record the user’s navigation activities and are often used for future marketing activities. In this case, consent from the user navigating the site is required.
First-party cookies are those created and downloaded in the user’s computer directly by the site the user is visiting; third-party cookies are created by other systems, e.g. Google, via the site the user is browsing.

Cookies used by this site and how to disable them
The website, owned by Maglificio Tonello s.r.l. (Data Controller), only uses technical cookies in order to ensure normal navigation and use of the website.
Without these cookies, some services of the website might not work properly.
Profiling cookies are not used.

When navigating the site, the user receives third-party cookies that generate anonymous information and, therefore, no consent is required.
More specifically, our website uses Google Analytics cookies that collect information in aggregate and anonymous form in order to analyse how users are using the website.

The generated data are stored by Google as described in the document found here:

For more information, refer to the privacy policy of Google Inc., independent Data Controller of the Google Analytics service, at the following page:

You can download and install browser add-ons if you want to opt out of Google Analytics cookies. To find out how the add-on made available by Google works and how to use it, click here:

How to set cookie preferences on you browser
Visitors may authorize, block or delete cookies using specific browser functions or add-ons.
To find out how to set cookie preferences on your browser, click the following links:

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